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The Fox Hill Gate Entry System is now fully operational!
 If you have any questions regarding the gate, please contact Josh Krier at


Visitors: How to enter the gate to visit Fox Hill residents

Go to the gate kiosk and look up the resident's name on the directory by scrolling with either the "A" Button (Up) or Z Button (Down.)

When you have the correct name, press the "Call Button."  

If the resident answers the phone, the resident will be able to talk with you and remotely open the gate for you by pressing the "9" key on their touchtone phone.

If the line is busy, press the pound button (#) to hang up and try again.

How to use your four-digit key code supplied to you by the resident to enter the Fox Hill Gate (No calling required.)

Press the # button and enter the four-digit access code. The gate will open.


 2020 Garbage & Recycle Pickup for Fox Hill:


Click here for complete new 2020 calendar

Click here for Current Recycle Bin Guidelines (Green Can With Beige Top or new Black Can with Blue Top).

Aluminum and tin cans, pots and pans, newspapers, paper bags, paperback books, magazines, catalogs and mail (envelopes with windows, staples and sticky notes ok), cereal and food boxes, phone books, cardboard (flattened) , plastic bottles, jugs and jars (neck must be narrower than the base, no lids or caps); dairy tubs and yogurt cups, rigid plant pots (empty, no dirt), plastic buckets (must be clean, no lids or handles.) No pizza boxes.


Click here for "Blue Bin"  Yard Waste Guidelines
(Updated January 2016)

The blue bin can take any food scraps and many types of yard waste including grass clippings.Tree branches may not be longer then two feet and only about as wide as a baseball bat. No dirt or sod is  allowed in the blue bin. There is a recent change: No pizza boxes. Pizza boxes must go in the green refuse container. 


Glass Bottles and Jars Guidelines
(Updated February 2018)

Bottles and jars must be in a separate 5-20 gallon bin provided by homeowner with holes drilled through the bottom to prevent water collection. You can put out more than one container. Drivers will not pickup containers with rainwater, so holes are important.

Government & School Information

Fox Hill is in Washington's new 10th Congressional District

which centers on Olympia and includes Shelton, Tenino, Joint Base Lewis McCord, DuPont, Lakewood and Fircrest.

U.S. Rep. Denny Heck 

Washington's Tenth Congressional District

The congressman is U.S. Rep. Denny Heck, D-Wash.


20th State Legislative District

 It is a large state legislative district, redrawn for the November 2012 election, that stretches from Clark County, just north of Battle Ground, to  the Southern tip of Thurston County. That includes Fox Hill and parts of Thurston county south of Fir Tree Road along Spurgeon Creek and Rainier Roads. The district includes most of Cowlitz and Lewis Counties. Kelso, Centralia, Chehalis, Mossyrock, Rainier, Kalama, and Woodland are among the larger communities. A freshman state senator and two veteran state representatives represent the redrawn district.

State Sen. John  Braun, R-Chehalis

Rep. Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis

Rep. Ed Orcutt

Sen. John Braun

House Minority
 Richard DeBolt

Rep. Ed Orcutt


Thurston County Commissioner District 1

Cathy Wolfe, District 1

Commissioner Cathy Wolfe
Commission Vice Chair


Tumwater School District No. 33

East Olympia Elementary School
G.W. Bush Middle School
Tumwater High School

Two of the first lots inside the gate entrance on Fox Ridge Lane are located in the Yelm School District, the remainder are in Tumwater.  See map below.

Tumwater Schools at Fox Hill


Two fire districts serve Fox Hill:
Lacey Fire District No. 3
East Olympia Fire District No. 6

Technically, there are only two home lots in District 6 (near our entrance) but that district will usually respond with medical calls anywhere in the Fox Hill subdivision. Both districts will respond to home fires.


Pattison Water Company

Fox Hill receives its domestic water from the private Pattison Water Company, which pumps pumps water from wells to about 1,500 homes from the north part of the service area on Mullen Road to Fox Ridge Lane on the South. From the west, the service area runs from near the Amtrak train station to near the highway crossroads to Yelm on the East. Water normally flows into the Fox Hill neighborhood from a concrete reservoir near Joele Road (intersection of Fox Ridge Lane at the top of the hill.) There is also an emergency intertie that may provide water from the bottom of the hill via Spurgeon Creek Road.

Pattison Water District.


Proposed Spurgeon Creek Salmon Restoration Project
 on Fox Hill Homeowners Association Property

New! August, 2016 Update that Legislature will consider funding package that could allow Fox Hill project to move ahead with homeowners' approval.

May, 2016 Update on the proposed Fox Hill Salmon Enhancement Project:

(This information below provides background on the project but is outdated and was written on July 18, 2012. The project is now being re-designed, click the link above for the latest news (August 2016.)

The South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group, a non-profit organization created by the Legislature and working with public funds, is seeking grants to build the population of salmon, trout, and other aquatic life in Spurgeon Creek at Fox Hill. Spurgeon Creek is the northern border of the Fox Hill subdivision.  A grant request this year was unsuccessful but the group remains optimistic for 2013.

This group develops salmon recovery plans with monies provided through fishing licenses, fish hatchery sales and grants.  The group proposes to divert Spurgeon Creek which currently flows at the northern border of our subdivision through a straight ditch or canal by an unpaved farm road.  The straight ditch was likely created to contain a once-meandering stream and make it easier for the adjacent farming operations.

The proposal is to divert the stream into a man-made meandering channel shown above that winds through Fox Hill Homeowners Association wetlands north of the subdivision's main gate entrance area. Additional vegetation - such as spruce, cedar, cottonwood and alder - would be planted to enhance wildlife habitat. The bottom of the map is Fox Ridge Drive Southeast and the Fox Hill gate is near the middle.  The left side of the map is Spurgeon Creek Road.

Early plans for this project were developed in partnership with the Wild Fish Conservancy Northwest. The South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group reports that initial feedback from the state Department of Ecology, which awards some grants to these types of projects, has been positive. DOE officials are reportedly giving this project particular attention because of its ability to reduce fecal contamination from manure and failed septic systems that pollutes Spurgeon Creek. If the DOE grant is successful, the grant could be awarded as early as this year.  If Fox Hill Homeowners were supportive, construction could begin between 2013 and 2016. No conservation easements are proposed, Fox Hill Homeowners Association would still own and control activities on the property.

The estimated cost of the project is $200,000. During the coming year, the Homeowners Association will discuss the pros and cons of this potential project.  As the most impacted landowner, the Association's position may be very important. The issue will be discussed at the next association meeting and is on


the agenda for upcoming June officers' meetings. Watch here for more information.

The map also shows a second phase (not included in the initial rfp) for elevated public walkways through the restoration project with observation decks.  Implementation of the second phase would likely more than double the overall project cost. The second phase could be funded through other grant programs such as the Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife. 

Some East Olympia improvements for Spurgeon Creek involving Capitol Land Trust and other local organizations and volunteers will be made on 13 acres near Rich Road this summer and are expected to aid salmon and other aquatic life. These improvements will be made five miles downstream from the proposed Fox Hill project. Very few salmon have been spotted in Spurgeon Creek but it is believed that development of habitat would provide more Chinook and Coho salmon, coastal cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, sculpin, the endangered Olympic mudminnow, freshwater pearl shell mussels, and crayfish.

Spurgeon Creek is the largest creek in the Lower Deschutes River Watershed. The sources of Spurgeon Creek are small, nearby hills and one local organization (Stream Team) pinpoints the source as a beaver pond fed by springs in the Evergreen Valley area.  Water from this pond flows both to Lake St. Clair via Eaton Creek and toward Fox Hill via Spurgeon Creek. Spurgeon Creek flows west of our subdivision, under Spurgeon Creek Road near our entrance, past Lattin's Cidar Mill,  under Rich Road, and then runs into the Deschutes River. The Deschutes River, best known for its Tumwater Falls near the former Olympia Brewery, ends at Budd Inlet.  Fish ladders were built at Tumwater Falls in 1952, making passage of some salmon up the Deschutes to Spurgeon Creek and Fox Hill possible.

Spurgeon Creek

Spurgeon Creek at Spurgeon Creek Road, just north of the Fox Hill subdivision.

(June 2012)

General Legal Description:

Fox Hill is located in portions of Sections 13 and 14 of Township 17 North, Range 1 West, W.M.

House Finch bathing at Fox Hill

House Finch at Fox Hill bird bath
 Summer, 2015



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