January 2016 Board Minutes

Fox Hill Homeowners' Association

Olympia, Washington

Hawk near Fox Ridge Lane, January 2012
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Fox Hill Homeowners Association
Officers' Meeting
Minutes by Dana Townsend, Secretary
Jan. 25, 2016

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Meeting attendance: President, Bill Hanson; Vice President, Kelly Gregerson; Director, Larry Ganders; Treasurer, Sonya Ybarra, and Secretary, Dana Townsend. Also attending were homeowners John Stockman and Ann Mendenhall.


1. Budget Review - Sonya reviewed the annual budget with the Board.

2. Yearly Brush Cutting –
Cedar Creek Tractor Services did an excellent job of brush cutting last fall so we’ve contracted with them again this year for two brush cuttings. The Tough Dirt contract will be renewed for another year adding flowerbed maintenance to this year’s contract.

3. Lot 69 Update –
Lot 69 has sold to a friendly couple who plan to build in 2-3 years.

4. Gate Update –
Larry provided an update on the outage that Century Link encountered resulting in the gate remaining open for several weeks in December. Repairs were made to the phone line at no cost to the HOA. However, during that outage it was discovered the battery back-up was defective and had to be replaced. The battery back-up defaults the gate to the open position during any type of power failure, malfunction, etc. This problem has been fixed. Larry has a complete back-up of all the gates transactions (a process he’s learned needs to be performed about every 30 days to ensure the gate continues to operate smoothly).

5. Constant Contact -
Larry was able to establish an account with Constant Contact and all email addresses for the HOA are stored there now. Dana will compare the list to the Excel spreadsheet to ensure everyone’s been captured. This will allow the HOA to use the Constant Contact list going forward with no need to maintain the manual spreadsheet. The Board will ask Homeowners about sharing their contact information solely for the Constant Contact purposes at the Annual HOA Meeting.

6. Website Transaction Review –
Larry informed the Board that the HOA Website has been moved to Go Daddy, which also provides the Board of Directors with an email address (officers@foxhillhomeowners.com) when sending/receiving HOA emails. The Board needs to make it clear that whomever takes over the Director position needs to have some computer and html abilities to maintain this website. This brought up discussion of possible non-board members stepping into this role. More discussion will take place at the Annual HOA Meeting.

7. Nominating Committee –
Dana will send an email to all Homeowners reminding them that all Board positions are up for re-election at our March 1, Annual Board Meeting. If anyone would like to be considered for these positions to please let Dana know. Dana to include a brief overview of the Board positions and their responsibilities.

Bill Hanson, President
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Kelly Gregerson, Vice President
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Dana Townsend, Secretary
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Sonya Ybarra, Treasurer
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Larry Ganders, Director
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Goldfinch at Fox Hill

Goldfinch at Fox Hill
Spring, 2015

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