Fox Hill
Homeowners Association
Olympia, Washington USA
March, 2018

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Welcome to Fox Hill

We are an association for a gated community of single-family homes on one-third to one-half acre lots southeast of Olympia. Our community has close proximity to Tumwater and Lacey
June 11, 2013

Entry to Fox Hill Subdivision

 Fox Hill is located off Spurgeon Creek Road, between the Yelm Highway and the Rainier Highway. It is in the Sunwood Lake, Lake Saint Clair and Pattison Lake area. It is a place unique for its setting amidst undeveloped forest lands and wildlife. It also features a diverse group of residents tied by an unusual sense of community.

Fox Ridge Lane

The homeowner's association is led by elected directors that are all residents of Fox Hill. The homeowners association maintains the gate, park space and common forested areas, and the single private road that loops through the community: Fox Ridge Lane Southeast. The association also enforces covenants to protect the quality of living and appearance in this community. It facilitates information and discussion about the community and promotes events and services that make Fox Hill a great place to live.

Fox Hill Main Gate, May 2012

Fox Hill, 2013

Fox Hill Playground, July 2012

Not an alien, it's a Fox Hill native!
Northwestern Salamander at Fox Hill

Northwestern Salamander common to Fox Hill
Adult is five to nine inches long
Photo taken in a Fox Hill driveway

Thunder on Spurgeon Creek
Tree Frog at Fox HillThe small tree frog makes a racket in the spring and can be found in almost all Fox Hill gardens. (Photo by Craig Shelton)

Spring 2015 - American Goldfinch return to Fox Hill
 Goldfinch at Fox Hill
Photo of the Washington State bird taken near Fox Ridge Lane, 8600 Block, April 30, 2015

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Fox Hill Homeowners Association

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